Cooler and Warmer Box LXT ®


18V • 12V / 24V DC • AC • 20 L

Cooler and Warmer box for storing or transporting food and drinks

DCW180 Cooler and Warmer box keeps example your lunch hot for up to 5 hours or drinks cold for up to 17 hours with two 6.0 Ah batteries. Can also be used via the car's cigarette lighter or mains. Large 20 L capacity allows for storing up to four 2 L plastic bottles or twenty 0.5 L plastic bottles.

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Product Description

DCW180 is an outdoorsman’s best friend. Its excellent cooling performance, multiple power sources, large storage capacity, and mobility make it easy to take along on picnics, camping trips, or road trips.

The box’s compressor-type cooling system offers five cooling temperatures: -18°, -10°, 0°, 5°, and 10° C. It also has two settings for warming: 55° and 60° C. With two 5,0 Ah batteries, the machine can maintain a temperature of 5° C for up to 11 h. Along with batteries, the box can also be used with AC and 12V / 24V DC, so it can easily be used in a vehicle as well as outside.

Its large 20 L storage capacity fits 20 pieces of 500 ml bottles in it. The box also features a bottle opener, a USB output for charging mobile devices, and an LCD display for checking the temperature and battery fuel levels.

The cooler and warmer box is easy to take along anywhere as it has large casters, carrying grips, a handle, and a shoulder strap. So head on out, bring DCW180 with you, and enjoy the nice weather with cold drinks and warm food!

Nominal Battery Voltage 18 V
Voltage LXT Yes
Temperature Range -18 - +60 °
AC Output Voltage 100 - 240 V
DC Output Voltage 12 / 24 V
Capacity 20 L
Tool weight with battery (EPTA) 13,3 - 14,3 kg
Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 623 x 341 x 371,5 mm
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