Dust Blower


40V MAX • BL Motor • 2.8N

Brushless Dust Blower Powered by 40Vmax XGT Li-Ion battery

3 in one tool - Blowing, Inflating and deflating. High blowing force. One-touch nozzle replacement. 4 stage air volume; selectable according to the application. Filter for preventing foreign matter from being sucked in. Lock-on switch.

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Product Description

With a variety of tip nozzles and the high blowing force produced, the Dust Blower XGT ® 40V MAX – AS001GA can meet a wide range of applications from professional use to home use, such as various blow-off works, removal of dust from pilot holes for anchors, cleaning the air filters of air conditioners, inflation and deflation of inflatable toys and many more.

User Benefits

  • Achieves higher blowing force
  • Can also be used for deflating inner tubes, play pools and more, with Air vent hose (option) attached to the back of the machine
  • Filter for preventing foreign matter from being sucked in
  • 4 mode air volume; users can select according to their application
  • Parts Drawing